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Baptism at St Mary's ChurchBaptism is a very important occasion in the life of any Christian. It is the moment when a new member is welcomed into the Family of God, a moment not to be taken lightly. Solemn vows are made by parents, godparents, sponsors or, if adult, by the individuals themselves.

So, a solemn occasion – yet a most joyful one. Welcoming someone into the Family of God in Fairford is always a special occasion and often takes place during our main Sunday service so that that Family can celebrate together.

We have a team of people who are happy to talk to you about being baptised here at St Mary’s. This will normally be for those who live in Fairford; if you live elsewhere exceptions can be made in certain circumstances, with the approval of the vicar of the parish in which you live.

Please contact us via the Parish Office or speak to The Rev’d Denise Hyde.

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