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Parish Office and Community Centre

Parish Office

Open 10am to 12 noon every weekday. This is the main point of contact for the public and is situated in the Fairford Community Centre, next door to the church, on the first floor and above the front door. If stairs are a problem for you then let us know – there is a lift available or we can come downstairs to you.

Enquiries of all sorts are dealt with - if we can’t deal with it ourselves in the office, then we generally know who can. Initial enquiries about weddings and baptisms may be made here.

The office is a also a resource centre where the Church diary is kept and information can be given; various hymn and intercession books may be consulted or borrowed.

We have some printing facilities at our disposal, both photocopying and bulk printing (very cheap). We can produce orders of service for weddings and funerals if requested and given sufficient notice.

All tours, guided or otherwise, should be booked via the office; please contact us on 01285 712611 or email

Detail from Window 12

Detail from Window 12

Fairford Community Centre

Fairford Community Centre

Formerly Farmors School, this building, was refurbished during 2007-2008, having been bought from Gloucestershire County Council jointly with the Town Council. £699,000 was awarded from the Heritage Lottery Fund, and £300,000 from Rural Renaissance towards the cost.

As joint landlords, the Church and the Town Council both occupy rooms within the building, and help to administer the lettable space. Part-ownership of this building is particularly valuable for us, as we have no toilet facilities in the Church. The Centre serves as a resource for the whole community, providing rooms of various sizes which can be hired for purposes such as parties, receptions and meetings.

The Parish Office and Church Address

Fairford Community Centre,
High Street,

Phone Number: 01285 712611

Email: Click here

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